Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) is a swiftly advancing field, with new ideas emerging every other seconds. Graduate engineers in this discipline will be equipped to design and fabricate, install, operate and maintain complex electronic circuits, equipments and systems. The course also covers designing security in communications, besides all the software and hardware required in the communication domain. The Mission of the ECE Department is to facilitate young Engineers to acquire technical exposure in the areas of Electronics and Communication Engineering. To prepare them for competitive examinations in higher education and employment with intellectual professional attitude , research aptitude, critical reasoning, analytical and technical skills ,technical consultancy. To develop ability to apply knowledge, life-long learning, entrepreneurial practices, ethical values and social concern. To impart professional education endowed with human values to the younger generation so as to transform them to be competent and committed engineers capable of providing solutions to the global challenges in deploying technology for the service of humanity. The average salary package after completing B.tech from Electronics and Communication is 3.5~4.5 Lakh INR per annum.